Content may be king, but those who win the battle for ideas that will put butts in the seats, and glue eyeballs to the screen rule!

Our Value Proposition.

  • Pitch2me helps studios get an edge on the competition for new ideas. For example, on Pitch2me a book author or stage play producer who already have a following, can pitch the film rights for their work letting a watchful studio make the contact and begin the option rights discussion.
  • Pitch2Me helps studios become more efficient by pre-filtering projects before valuable and irreplaceable time is spent taking a pitch meeting that results in a pass.
  • By helping filmmakers organize their projects, Pitch2Me assist studios in making selections that are studio ready.
  • Since many studios policies do not allow for the receipt of unsolicited material, partnering with Pitch2Me studios can enhance their goodwill by giving the budding filmmaker options via making referrals back to us. In effect having a partnership with Pitch2Me is like having a warehouse of creative ideas.

Our members span the spectrum of creative content from Film to Television to Books to the Web. You as a studio can zero in on the types of projects that fit your portfolio.

Price: Free to Studios

If Pitch2Me sounds like the partner for you, please send us an email requesting membership:


Additional Services

Upgrade to Pitch2Me Pro.

Although each studio has their own green-light process and project evaluation models, Pitch2me Pro* allows Studios to quickly measure the potential value of each project and make comparisons from a risk/return standpoint.

If you upgrade your membership to Pitch2me Pro* you will have the ability to use our suite of analytical tools and run:

  • FBIndex (project viability model).
  • Film Ultimates (10 yr. income/expense regression).
  • Net Present Value Project Calculators (NPV).
  • Cash-Flows by quarter.
  • Territory-by-Territory (International) income stream.


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*These tools (Pitch2Me Pro) are for estimating and modeling purposes only! Pitch2Me does not guarantee the performance of any particular project or the accuracy of each of the tools listed here.  Each project has its own characteristics (quality of production, performance, and timing etc.) therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict outcomes.



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