Whether you are an experienced entertainment investor or a person that is just considering diversifying your alternative investment portfolio, you need access to quality projects and a way to assess their risk profile. Pitch2me can help you do just that.

Pitch2Me helps investors by providing:

  • Free access to extensive project database.
  • Easy and flexible search engine.
  • Industry leading analytical tools*.
  • Educational resources.
  • Access to industry experts.

With Pitch2Me you will be able to cull our database of projects and refine your search to meet your specific criteria.

Perhaps you only are interested in deals that have already received partial funding. With a few clicks you can populate your screen with only those types of deals.
Once you have identified a project of interest, you can bookmark it for more in-depth analysis.

If you upgrade your membership to Pitch2Me Pro* you will have the ability to use our suite of analytical tools and run:

  • FBIndexTM (project viability model).
  • Film Ultimates (10 yr income/expense regression).
  • Net Present Value Project Calculators (NPV).
  • Cash Flows by quarter (10 yr.).  
  • Territory-by-Territory (International) income stream.

What ever your project investment needs is you can find solutions and opportunities at Pitch2Me.

Price: Free to investors.

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*These tools (Pitch2Me Pro) are for estimating and modeling purposes only! Pitch2Me does not guarantee the performance of any particular project or the accuracy of each of the tools listed here.  Each project has its own characteristics (quality of production, performance, and timing etc.) therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict outcomes.



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